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Judge Bill Koch


Judge Koch was nominated to Governor Pawlenty for appointment to the Hennepin County bench by a non-partisan citizen Commission on Judicial Selection. Governor Pawlenty appointed Judge Koch in May 2007. Judge Koch quickly established himself as a respected Judge. But then that was no surprise. He has a depth and breadth of legal experience that allowed him to make a meaningful contribution from day one.

Judge Koch brings 20 years of experience to the bench. As a former Air Force JAG, private practice attorney, and federal prosecutor - with both criminal and civil experience - Judge Koch has heard it, tried it, and done it. And done it well.

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Judge Bill Koch & Family


Judge Koch believes in a fair and impartial judiciary. He also believes in dealing with the parties and attorneys who appear before him in a professional, respectful manner. "When people come to court, they are often in the worst points in their lives. We must deal with their matters professionally and respectfully. Even if a person does not 'win', the result can be accepted and have true meaning if the parties understand that they have been heard." It is this kind of professionalism we need on the bench.

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Judge Koch listens, as well as leads. In addition to helping to educate others about the legal system, he wants to hear from you about your hopes, fears, and aspirations involving our system of justice. You be the judge. Share your views. Go to judgebillkoch@comcast.net

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